Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I had a couple of booked shoots and they cancelled (two to be exact) I'm trying to figure out if it was just because they are newer to modeling and they don't take it as seriously as they should, or if it's just because they are young and they think going to a party sounds better than doing a shoot.... feedback?


  1. I think its possible the new to modeling idea. They may feel intimidated or unsure so they cancel. If had complete no shows, no warning, no calls, no nothing. That really ticked me off. It will happen. Its not a priority with people if they are not getting paid. At least i think that. Its just something on the side that may be fun to do, which sucks for us because we are taking this as serious as we can.

  2. yeah! that's exactly how I feel! It's annoying because some people only think about themselves and don't realize that this is important to some photographers who want to make it a career!