Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Opening!

The Grand Opening of Primitives went great! I didn't sell any of my photos but I'm sure they will sell soon! I'm very excited! I never took a picture of the dress I wore, but I'll describe it, it's cut off right above my knees, and the bottom half acts as a pencil skirt and it's an olive green with some pleats horizontally, and the top half is looser and black lace with a corset tie in the back, it's so cute!

On that note, I went to LA yesterday with all my girls for orientation to help out for style week. and we are going back today, and boy oh boy, I found so much inspiration in LA! I'm going to take pictures on our way down there today and post them up!
 Thanks for reading my blog and I'll be posting more up very soon!

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